At Rock-Tech we love to think of ourselves as a close family, all sharing the same desire to help organisations put on great events.

"The team they have built is one that works the extra mile, with a smile on their face. It is a pleasure to work with them!"

Mark Steele, !Audacious Executive Assistant

  • Phil Adlam

    Managing Director

  • Phil is the managing director and founding partner of Rock-Tech. He has over 25 years of experience in the field of audio and acoustic consultancy, lighting, video, event management and production. He brings his very real passion for quality and high standards to work with him every day. Extremely level headed and a fantastic problem solver, Phil is the main man at rock-tech in every sense. From event and product design, to top end sound engineer, production expert, musician, Experience in R&D, sound solutions, video solutions, you have to wonder if there is much he hasnt turned his hand to in this field! 

Ben Suffolk
  • Ben Suffolk

    Head of Special Projects

  • Ben has many years experience helping local churches to make the most of their budgets, which is why he puts together our installation quotes. He is an absolute computer wizard, and built the whole back end to our business from scratch. A great installation expert from quoting through to actually installing the equipment,  he is a fantastic asset to any project. With a good few years event experience too, he is a well versed technician.

Jason Bikersteth
  • Jason Bickersteth

    Installation Team Manager

  • Jason manages our installation team, bringing a keen attention to detail and a can-do attitude to deliver excellent results for our customers. As well as a passion for creating great spaces, and has a huge repetoire of experience. Bring him a coffee and he will beam for hours.

  • Marc West

    Northern Events Manager

  • Mark is our Northern events manager. Highly experienced in events from quoting, through to event delivery, he keeps a high standard of proffessionalism with an eye for detail and customer satisfaction. If your event is around the north of england, you will likely get assigned to work alongside marc. A great guy to be around, always with a smile on his face.

Paul West
  • Paul West

    Southern Events Manager

  • Paul covers all events quoting and often teching from the depths of the south up to the midlands. A super friendly go getter, he loves getting his teeth stuck into events and getting creative with budgets.

Kieran Scotchbrook
  • Kieran Scotchbrook

    Sales Manager

  • Kieran works in the York Office, ensuring we deliver the best customer service possible. He oversees the sales team and puts sales and installation quotes together. The cheeriest chappie out there.

Tilly James Hoyle
  • Tilly James-Hoyle

    Communications Coordinator

  • Tilly is often the first point of contact at rock-tech. She is the person that greets you to rock-techs services and assigns your request to the correct department or persons. Super bubbly and friendly, a pleasure to interract with.

  • Tim Isherwood

    Office Manager

  • Tim is our HR, Health & Safety and Office manager.  He has a sharp eye for writing up legal documents needed on our events.  He is also one of the first points of contact in the office.

  • Lewis Harrison

    Accounting Administrator

  • Lewis manages our accounts and will often be your first point of contact when calling our office. Need to make a payment? Get in touch with him, he literally can't wait to hear from you.

  • Ronan Broderick

    Servicing and Repairs

  • Ronan handles all of our repairs and servicing to ensure you are up and running as soon as possible. He can fix things that appear to be beyond hope, highly knowledgable of the whole events technology field. He is also the head of tech at his local church, problem solving week in and week out. Highly experienced, well travelled and great at breaking tech jargon down into understandable words.

Steve Craven
  • Steve Craven

    Media & Marketing

  • Steve Craven is the man with a camera and not afraid to use it. Pushing our social media posts and getting Rock-tech out there is his game. He is also a sound wizard and does some wonders with the multitracks from our events.

  • Joshua Astwood

    Sales Assistant

  • Josh covers our sales quoting, and you will often see him out and about on demo's with various other members of the team. You need some gear, Josh knows what that gear is, perfect match.

  • David Heaton

    Head of Video and Lighting (Hire Dept)

  • David is an excellent all-rounder technician with emphasis on video equipment. He keeps a level head and makes clients and crew feel relaxed. David is great at keeping things under control, and also manages our busy warehouse team. Just don't say anything funny to him, his laughter will break the legal dB limit for the event.

  • Russ Baldwin

    Sound Engineer

  • Russ is a highly competent sound engineer and knows his craft well. I wish the same could be said about his sense of humour! You will never feel like his efforts are sub par, he is super helpful and will push into the 20th hour of an event day with a big grin on his face.

  • Ilyas Graham

    Warehouse Team

  • Ilyas is the day to day warehouse grinder. He keeps the warehouse in excellent condition and is a pleasure to have on board. Service with a smile, be it delivering flightcases, or stacking them 50 high.

  • James Evans

    Installation Team Leader

  • James is one of our installation Engineers and Team leader. Cracking the whip when necessary with a big smile on his face. He is an accomplished sound engineer and has many years' experience in the events industry, which ties in well with tech installations. He is in the process if building his own house for his family, if that doesnt define installation skill, then I don't know what does!

  • Nick Elmitt

    Installation Engineer

  • Nick is a top notch installation engineer. The top end of professional, he is extremely competant, and highly experienced. Put a coffee in his hand and he will give you the world. Very polite, forward thinking and a great problem solver.

  • Sean Williams

    Installation Engineer

  • Sean is one of our installation engineers. Full of beans and rearing to take all projects head on. Be it up a ladder, scaff tower, under the floor boards, he is a great asset to the team and a hard worker.