Free Training Day - Advanced Video Training

On February 15áµ—Ê° 2020 we are holding a training event at our York warehouse Facility for anyone that is interested.

It is tailored for tech freelancers and professionals in the industry so we are assuming attendees will have a certain level of knowledge, but if you feel you dont meet that standard, we would still LOVE to see you there.

Lunch will be provided as will tea, coffee and basic facilities.

The aim of the session is to help bring our regular freelancers up to date with our equipment, and give hands on time with the technology. The outcome of this will be familiarity with our products when arriving to assist with our tech on site.

The session will cover areas of

  • LED Video Wall
  • Vision Mixers
  • PTZ Remote Cameras for broadcast & HD cameras
  • Switchers and Scalers
  • Video Distribution
  • Streaming

Please be advised we will be filming and taking photos at the event, if this will be an issue for you let us know in advance. Thank you

There are no Dates avaliable for this training course at the present time.