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1M Professional Combination Power and XLR Cable (Lifetime warranty) Lighting or Audio

This product requires custom manufacturing, which will require a few days lead time.

£64.55 77.46)

A High grade 1M Combination power and XLD cable that can be used for DMX, Digital Audio, or Analogue Audio (Select the correct option when ordering).

Making this an ideal cable to keep things neat on stage with your lighting or active speakers / stage monitors.

Build to the higest standard and fitted with the genuine Neutrik XX connectors.

We think these cables are so good we put our own name on them, and provide them with a lifetime warranty against manufacturing defect.


The SYNTAX® POWER+DIGITAL is a hybrid cable with a jacketed 3 x 1.5 mm² mains power cable combined with one twisted pair. The digital signal pair is shielded by an aluminium/polyester foil screen and covered with a black PVC jacket. The power line is equipped with its own PVC jacket for added safety in compliance with the I.E.C. regulation. Suitable for parallel controls of light mixing boards via power line and DMX signal via digital cable. Also used for analogic audio cabinets when power is supplied. The external flame-retardant black PVC jacket is very flexible, trampling-proof, impact absorbing and water-proof.

Outer Jacket

  • Diameter 14 mm
  • Operating temperature -30° to 70° C.
  • Black PVC super flex flame retardant


  • Conductors: Bare OFC 24 AWG 19 x 0,12 mm
  • Conductors jacket: red/blue Foam - Skin Ø 1,4 mm
  • Drain wire: tinned OFC 24 AWG 7 x 0,20 mm
  • Screen: aluminium/polyester foil 100% cov.
  • External jacket: Black PVC Ø 3,8 mm flame-retardant
  • Nominal Impedence: 1-4 Mhz 110 Ω
  • D.C.R. conductors: <90 Ω/Km
  • D.C.R. shield: <70 Ω/Km
  • Capacitance cond./cond.: 1Khz 40 nF/Km
  • Capacitance cond./shield: 1Khz 80 nF/Km


  • Conductors: stranded OFC 3 x 1.5 mm² - 15 AWG
  • Conductors jacket: Brown, Blue, Green-Yellow PVC
  • External jacket: Black PVC Ø 6,8 mm flame retardant

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