Radio Microphones Frequencies to Change


On 30 June 2009 Ofcom confirmed that it has decided to clear the 800MHz band including Ch69. PMSE (UHF Radio Microphones) will need to move out but Ch69 will remain available until at least 1st January 2012. Also now confirmed is that Ch38 will be awarded to the PMSE band manager on the same terms as for Ch69. The intention is that PMSE use in Ch69 will be moved into Ch38.

With this in mind JFMG have developed their ‘Moving out of Ch69’ topic pages to discuss Ch38 access with users and manufacturers in anticipation of Ofcom’s consultation on the topic. They have identified a number of potential ‘Licensing options’ and want to encourage users to let them know if they would prefer Ch38’s licensing arrangements to be the same as the current Ch69 system or whether there is an opportunity to improve on the current licensing regime. Their ‘Moving in to Ch38’ page shows their thoughts on a potential channel plan for Ch38. This plan could become part of a ‘Shared’ licence or used as an advisory resource depending on the licensing option preferred.

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