Expertise in Traditional Buildings Installations


Two recent installation projects in listed buildings benefitted from our particular expertise in dealing with the unique challenges of traditional buildings:

St Lawrences College, Ramsgate - a discrete but powerful and well-balanced system was required, the perfect first outing for the newest member of the Hill M-series the M2, along with Allen & Health Q16 mixer and four radio mics. The cusomer's feedback said it all "...amazing sound team were professional, flexible and easy to work with...will certainly pass on strong recommendation for Rock-Tech" Sam Palacios

        Hill M-series M2

Hill M2 Speaker Installation in St Lawrences College Chapel,  Ramsgate



Trinity Methodist Church, York - this traditional venue is used by both Methodist and contemporary church The Ark, so a unique solution was required for their projection system which would suit both communities. Using advanced rope techniques, our engineers installed a screen on two wire rope motors, suspended from cantilever brackets in the very high ceiling. The screen was colour coded to match the building, and it's positioning was designed with faculty applications in mind.

Projection Screen on two wire rope motors

Motorised Projection System in Trinity Methodist, for The Ark Church York